IPFS Decentralized Website

Core internet infrastructure is becoming increasingly centralized and as such, several existential threats have emerged that undermine the principles of an decentralized, open and free internet:

  • Single points of failure (Cloudflare, CDNs, etc)

  • All ZNS gateway infrastructure is currently operated by a single entity (Cloudflare)

  • Censorship

  • Lack of non-commercial infrastructure

  • Opacity of terms of service agreements and moderation policies

  • Proliferation of proprietary browser extensions which require centralized services (Unstoppable domains, etc…)

  • The erosion of the “commons” and “public space”

  • Web 3.0 adoption is still nascent

  • Most browsers cannot natively access ZNS/IPFS/IPNS/Skynet

For end users, this means a limited selection of poor quality services that increasingly resemble a cable TV package.

The LIMO project brings additional resiliency to dApps by providing an alternative means of access as a public good. Application owners can directly participate in the roadmap of LIMO, giving key stakeholders influence over the services they depend upon. As the decentralized web continues to grow, it is imperative that community projects facilitate the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.


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